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Students are offered a choice of conferences and visits of dispute settlement organizations. The conferences are typically events related to an international organization, academic symposiums taking place in or near Geneva, or meetings of an association of legal professionals such as the Swiss Arbitration Association.

During the academic year 2017-2018, for instance, MIDS students will attend the following conferences:

  • GAR Live Vienna: "Enforcement around the region: How to get the client paid" (Vienna, 20 October 2017)
  • London British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) Conference: "The 29th Investment Treaty Forum: Treaty law Issues in International Investment Law" (London, 20 October 2017)
  • Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA) Below 40 Fall Seminar (Zurich, 17 November 2017)
  • Milan Arbitration Chamber (CAM) Annual Conference: "Arbitrability of Intellectual Property Disputes" (Milan, 24 November 2017)
  • 37th Annual Meeting of the ICC Institute of World Business Law: "Expedited Procedures in International Arbitration" (Paris, 1 December 2017)
  • University of Basel Conference: "Arbitration and Crime: Dealing with Allegations of Economic Crime in Arbitration" (Basel, 12 January 2018)
  • Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA) Annual Conference: "Expert Evidence: Conflicting Assumptions and How to Handle them in Arbitration" (Zurich, 2 February 2018)
  • British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL): "The 30th Investment Treaty Forum" (London, May 2018)
  • XIII Congreso Internacional del Club Español del Arbitraje (Madrid, June 2018)


Visits of Institutions

The institutions to be visited may be either located within Geneva (e.g. the WTO, the World Intellectual Property Organization or the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) or abroad (e.g. the International Court of Justice in The Hague or the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris).

During the academic year 2013-2014, the students will visit the following institutions:

Visit to ICJ

Institutional site visit of the MIDS to the International Court of Justice.

Visit to ICC

Institutional site visit of the MIDS to the ICC Court of International Arbitration in Paris.