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Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for the 2018-2019 program are set at CHF 25'000.

To confirm their admission to the LL.M. program, students must pay a non-refundable deposit of CHF 500 two weeks after they are informed about their admission. This amount will be credited toward tuition fees.

The remaining tuition fees are payable in three installments according to the following schedule:

  • CHF     2'500.00   by 1 June 2018    
  • CHF   11'000.00   by 17 August 2018 
  • CHF   11'000.00   by 31 October 2018


Cost of Living

According to international rankings, Geneva figures among the cities with the highest quality of life... and among the most expensive. For students, this has a direct impact on living expenses which must be taken into account when planning your budget for the year. You will need a strict minimum of CHF 1'500 - 1'900 per month to live in Geneva. Some estimated monthly expenses include:

Rent & utilities in student residences   CHF 500.00   -1'000.00
Rent & utilities in private apartments
(not specifically intended for students)
at market price
  CHF 800.00   min.
Food   CHF 600.00  
Insurance (health & 3rd party)
(special student deals for under 30 years old)
  CHF 80.00   min.
Mobile phone   CHF 40.00   min.
Internet   CHF 0.00   -100.00
Laundry, toiletries   CHF 100.00  
Study-related expenses   CHF 110.00  
Local transportation   CHF 96.00  
Sub-total minimum monthly living expenses   CHF 1'526.00    
For 10 months   CHF 15'260.00    
Sub-total yearly tuition   CHF 25'000.00    
Total minimum yearly costs   CHF 40'260.00