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Workshop on
Financial Damage Analysis

Any lawyer working in arbitration, whether as counsel, arbitrator or secretary to a tribunal, will undoubtedly have to deal with matters of quantum. For some, this can be a real challenge: critically reviewing your own expert's draft report; understanding the methodologies and findings of the other side's expert; planning cross-examination; advising your client on potential strengths and weakness in financial claims or defences. All these tasks will be less daunting with some background knowledge and familiarity. Hear about some oft-quoted, but sometimes misunderstood, concepts including; DCF, cost of capital, discount rates, compound interest, loss of profits.

The goal of the series of three workshop sessions is to provide an insight into the work of a financial expert witness. Its instructor will thus be a practising forensic accountant, who frequently acts as financial expert witness in ICSID and ICC arbitrations and was previously dealing with financial aspects of mass claims at the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC).

The emphasis in this workshop is interaction and approachability; the working assumption is that participants will have no particular financial knowledge.

Mr. Geoffrey Senogles

Geoffrey Senogles is a Vice President, Forensic Accounting at Charles River Associates, Geneva and London. He is Welsh chartered accountant; based in Geneva since 2000 when he began working on staff at the United Nations Compensation Commission. He has taught the "Financial Damages" workshops at MIDS since 2010.