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Scholarship Applications

The MIDS program does not offer any scholarships. However, we have been able to secure a number of scholarships from a local sponsor, one of the largest Geneva foundations. These scholarships cover the total tuition fees as well as CHF 15'000 toward living expenses during the 10 months of the program.

Our sponsor has established strict eligibility criteria:

  • Demonstrated financial need on the part of candidates as well as their immediate and extended families, employers and any other persons who might otherwise have been able to contribute toward financing their MIDS studies;
  • Failure to secure loans or scholarships from other available sources, including employers, banks, governments and private providers;
  • Coming from a country considered to have a developing economy.

After admission decisions are made by the MIDS admissions committee, qualified scholarship applications are forwarded to our sponsor by priority of their admission ratings. The final scholarship decision is made by the sponsor and communicated to the MIDS admissions office within a few weeks.

In addition to the scholarship application form, please submit the following supporting documents, translated into English if necessary (English translations do not need to be officially certified for this purpose):

  1. Copies of official statements of income (your own and/or any other relevant persons, family members or other, whom you might call on for support);
  2. Official statement from a bank or other savings institution, and/or tax forms, indicating available funds and assets;
  3. Copies of responses to your other scholarship and/or loan requests, including from employers if applicable.

While our admission process is "need-blind", meaning that we do not consider any financial factors when making admission decisions, we do ask you to submit your scholarship application at the same time as your application for admission, to ensure timely processing. The scholarship application deadline is 2 February 2018.