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Financing Your Studies

We encourage students to plan the financial aspects of their MIDS LL.M. study program carefully and well in advance, and to explore all opportunities for financing their studies. Possible sources of funding include:

  • Immediate and extended family members, relatives and friends;
  • Private grant foundations in your home country;
  • Government-related scholarship providers in your home country;
  • Non-government scholarship providers in your home country, including private organizations and NGOs;
  • Loan providers, such as banks and specialized student loan companies;
  • Savings from your own work revenue;
  • Support from your employer in the form of a loan, salary advance, grant or supported leave of absence;
  • A combination of funding sources.

In some cases it may take significant time to plan and put together all the necessary resources to fund your study program. In such circumstances, please contact our admissions office early in the process to discuss the possibility of deferring your admission by one year.

Program tuition fees and the cost of living in Geneva are detailed here.